About Us

about frontier research


From our offices in Accra, Freetown and Monrovia, we provide research services across West Africa. Founded by professionals with over a decade’s experience working in the region, Frontier Research was established to help our clients make informed business decisions.

The Problem we solve

Every organisation needs access to a strong evidence base for decision-making purposes, regardless of where it operates. Yet anyone conducting research in frontier markets faces a unique set of challenges:

  • Weak state institutions have limited capacity to collect, analyse and publish data;
  • Few universities, think tanks and consultancy firms with the capacity to collate data exist;
  • Poor infrastructure and limited information technology access impedes collection and dissemination efforts;
  • Underdeveloped media markets tend to offer biased and inaccurate reporting;
  • And, in some states, security concerns inhibit research access.

As a consequence, the data available in frontier markets tends to be incomplete, out of date, unreliable or unpublished. This information gap has implications for any business, government, donor or NGO operating in such environments.

Frontier's Approach

Frontier Research was established to bridge this gap in West Africa. With extensive experience working in academia, business and risk in the region, our team has confronted the research challenges inherent to frontier markets. To overcome these difficulties for our clients, we deliver the information they need by leveraging our strengths in the following areas:

1. Local Knowledge
Every country works differently. Understanding the formal and informal processes that govern societies and the personal relationships that shape them is critical for any organisation operating there. Through our professional experience in West Africa, and close collaboration with local researchers, we have a deep contextual understanding of the region.

2. Contacts
People are crucial to any research endeavour, especially in frontier markets where little reliable data exists. Whether you are locating unpublished data sets, canvassing elite opinion or conducting surveys, having access to a wide range of trusted contacts is imperative. We have long-standing relationships with leading figures in academia, civil society, commerce and politics, and continually develop new contacts throughout West Africa.

3. Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Given the paucity of reliable data and information in frontier markets, any research conducted in such contexts must be grounded in rigorous methodology. With less information available to assess the veracity of statistics or the assertions of human sources, we always conduct our qualitative and quantitative research with rigour to ensure our findings are trustworthy.

4. Risk Sensitivity
We recognise that our clients want to minimise their financial and integrity risks. Frontier Research’s founders are guided by the same principles. We always act ethically and in compliance with local and international legislation such as the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act. We are sensitive to risk and always seek to minimise it in our own operations and those of our clients.